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Welcome to KnockOneBack.com ! This website is dedicated to drinking games. We are sure you will find a good game to play with your friends.

You can use this website to select a good drinking game if you need inspiration to find one. Or you can use KnockOneBack.com to find the rules of one game you have in mind.

Games are split into different categories

  • Drinking games with cards : Cards are used in many drinking games. These games can be drinking versions of traditional games. Some are about guessing what the top of the deck is. In some games, players need to guess what other players have in hand. Finally, some are bout performing actions according to the cards value. And you know what ? If players fails or loose, they drink !
  • Drinking games with coins : Coins are a good alternative to cards. When a party is set up, people think about food, drinks, music, … but not always about bringing a card game. But if nobody brought cards, it is almost certain that some persons have spare change in their pocket. Then they can play drinking games with coins
  • Drinking games with cups : Cups have a double utility in a party. Obviously they are used to drink ! But they are also used to play. Indeed there are multiple drinking gales with cups. Among them, beer pong is one of the most famous ones. But there are more. Find what they are in this category
  • Drinking games with dice : Dice are used in many board games. But did you know they are used in drinking games as well ? May be less popular than drinking games with cards or cups, theses games with dice can be funny and are worth a try.
  • Drinking games with words : We put under this category drinking games without cars, without cups, without anything. Basically these games do not require any accessories or any equipment.

Now that you know what KnockOneBack.com is about, click on the links to find more about some drinking games. Have fun and drink alcohol in moderation.