Drinking games with cups

Obviously, cups can be used to drink, but they can also be used to play drinking games. Most important thing, don’t mix up the cup having your drink with the one you play with !

Credit : Shari Weinsheimer

We have put together a list of the 5 best drinking games with cups. There is a short description in front of each name in order to give a first idea of the game. Click on the links to know more about the games. You will find pages having the details and the rules about these drinking games.

Most of these games are games of skill and a team games. These games are fun and exciting, they run like a race against the other team. It is better to be a group of people, at least 4 or preferably 6 persons, it will be even more fun.

List of most popular cup drinking games

  • Beer Pong : throw a ping pong ball in the cups located on the other side
  • Stack cup : Bounce ping pong ball in a cup before other players do
  • Flip cup : Flip cups to make them land upside down on the table
  • Titanic : Pour liquid into a floating cup until it sinks

Have fun ! Drink alcohol only in moderation

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