Card drinking games

There are so many card drinking games that you may get tipsy before you can try them all !

Card drinking games
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Are you looking for games to play when drinking ? Well, you are at the right place ! All you need is a deck of cards and friends.

We have made a list of the most popular drinking games with cards. A short description shows what kind of games it is.

Click on the link in that list to have access to a dedicated page about one game. You will find details and rules for this particular game.

Some of the games are mainly based on guessing what the deck is. An alternative is about guessing what the other player’s hand is. And most of the time, when a player makes an error, he drinks !

Some of the games are a drinking version of a regular game. Some others are based on performing actions based on the card picked.

So as you can see, there are several categories of drinking games with cards. And we are sure you will have fun playing those games.

List of most popular drinking games with cards

  • Kings cup : Pick one card and perform an action based on its value
  • Circle of Death : Players drink if they pick cards with same value or same color
  • Screw the Dealer : Guess the value of the next card in deck
  • Assholes and Presidents : Play one card with higher value than the previous one
  • Beeramid : Bluff the other players with the content of your hand
  • Friends and Enemies : Nominate who will drink, or save him !
  • Ride the bus : Guess the value of the next card in deck
  • Irish Snap : The drinking snap game
  • Mushroom : Stack cards and don’t knock them over
  • Around the World : Another game based on guessing the cards
  • Loose Tongues : Say a word based on card color

Now, select one game and enjoy ! Drink alcohol only in moderation

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