Screw the dealer

Screw the dealer rules

Screw the dealer is a very simple game to play. No complicated rules, no headache, just fun ! You also don’t need specific equipment to play this drinking game. All you need is a deck of cards and friends. Now let’s see more in details.

How to play screw the dealer ?


Here is what you will need :

  • A regular deck of 52 cards
  • Cups for all players
  • Beverage

Set up

The set-up is very simple. All players should be around a table and the deck of cards in the middle. One player should be designated as “the dealer” (don’t worry, the dealer will change during the game)


The dealer picks a card and looks at it without showing anybody else what the card is. Then he asks the player on his right to guess what the value of the card is. If that player has the right answer, the dealer takes 2 drinks !

Screw the dealer
Photo by jalil shams

If the player didn’t find what the value of the card was, the dealer must tell if the real value is higher or lower than what the player first said. Then that player has a second attempt. He takes a second guess and if he finds what the card value is, then the dealer takes one drink. If after that second guess, the proposal is still incorrect, then the game moves to another player with a new card.

Note : in “screw the dealer”, ace’s value is one.

Example :

The dealer picks a queen of heart. The first player makes his first guess.

  • He proposes “queen”. He is right ! The dealer takes 2 drink and the game moves to the next player
  • He proposes “10”. Incorrect ! The dealer must say “higher”. The same player makes his second attempt.
    • He proposes “queen”. He is right on his second attempt. The dealer must take one drink.
    • He proposes “jack”. This is not the correct answer. That player looses and the next player start with a new card.

When 3 players have tried to “screw the dealer” unsuccessfully, the player located at the right of the dealer becomes the dealer.

Have fun and drink alcohol in moderation

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