Beeramid rules

Beeramid is a game that requires memory, strategy and the art of bluffing. On top of that, it is quite a fun drinking game to play. You will see that the more you play, the more you drink, the more it will be tough to keep your skills at the best level. It will make the game even more funny !

How to play beeramid drinking game ?


Here is what you will need :

  • A regular deck of 52 cards
  • A table large enough to put half of the cards on it
  • Cups for all players
  • Beverage

Set up

Before playing, one of the players should build a pyramid with cards as per image below. The first row at the bottom usually receives 5 cards. Then on top of it, the second row gets 4 cards and so on until the last row has 1 card. Then, all remaining cards are given evenly to all players. The players look at their cards and do not show them to others.

This set up works fine up to 4 players. If there are more people playing, then the first row can have 6 cards, the second row 5 cards and so on.


credit :

The first player flips the first card on the bottom row. Then, any player (let’s call him player A) who pretends to have the same card value in hand can nominate another player (let’s call him player B) and ask him to take a drink.

Player B can accept to drink or challenge the call if he thinks player A doesn’t have the same card value in hand. In that case, player B says «bullshit» and ask player A to show the card he pretends to have.

If player A does have the same card value, the player B takes 2 drinks and add that card to his hand. If player A cannot show one card of same value, he has to take 2 drinks.

Then the game moves on with the next card on the same row. Once all the cards on row #1 are played, the game continues with the second row. But this time, all calls are doubled. So, a player who is nominated and accepts to drink will take 2 drinks. If that player challenges, the risk is now 4 drinks instead of 2.

On the third row, the calls are triple, and so on until the fifth row ! So on row #5, a nominated player will have to take 5 drinks or take the risk to get 10 drinks if he challenges !

Due to the quantity of drinks in play, it is recommended to take low alcohol liquors or small cups.

Example :

The game starts :

  • King of spades is turned over (first row)
  • Player A nominates player B
    • Player B accepts (does not challenge) and takes one drink
    • Player B challenges and say «bullshit»
      • Player A has the king of hearts. He gives it to player B and player B takes 2 drinks
      • Player A lied and do not have any king in hand. Player A takes 2 drinks
  • Next card is flipped over

Have fun and drink alcohol in moderation

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