Drinking games with words (no accessory)

Drinking games do not necessarily need accessories. Some games only needs words and… thinking. Well, as you probably know, drinking affects your ability to think correctly. Playing those drinking games will require some extra concentration, and if you fail, you will probably have to take another drink!

Words in bar
Credit : Andrea Piacquadio

We have put together a list of 10 drinking games you can play anywhere, as they do not require anything. They are the perfect drinking games without cards. They also do not need any sort of cups, dice or boards. All you need is your brain and some friends.

In the list, you will find a short description of the games. If you want to know more, clink on the link. It will redirect to a special page where you will earn more about that specific game.

Some games are mainly brain-teaser, the most focused player will probably win. Others are socializing games, you will learn a lot about other players. Some games are also the drinking version of a regular game.

List of most popular drinking games without accessory

  • Back to back : challenge the other player by asking “Who’s the most likely to….”
  • Fuzzy Duck : all players say these words, change some letters, repeat
  • Paranoia : Players only give answers. Drink if you want the questions
  • Where’s the water? : Take a drink and find out if it water or clear spirit
  • International Drinking Rules : Keep socializing while some weird rules has been set
  • Task Master : Drinking version of dare game
  • Never Have I Ever : Tell something you never did and see if other player have done it
  • The name game : Chain names that start with the letter of the previous one
  • Thumper : Do not forget the gesture.
  • Straight Face : Try not to laugh
  • Buzz : Count aloud avoiding certain numbers

Have fun! Drink alcohol only in moderation

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