Coin drinking games

Did you know that coin drinking games are a good alternative to card or cup games ? The main advantage with coins is that anybody has some change in their pocket. So you can play these games almost anywhere and anytime.

Coin drinking games
Credit : Ildar Sagdejev

Let say you meet with some friends. Then some other persons join and a party begins, whereas nothing was planned. And you know what ? The best parties are often the ones that were not prepared ! Then you and your friends would like to start a drinking game. But the thing is that nobody brought cards or dice.

Should you give you ? Probably not ! Indeed, you or your friends must have some quarters in your pockets. So, let’s get started and have some fun !

List of most popular drinking games with coins

  • Flip, Sip or Strip : Heads or tails ? if you lose, Sip… or strip !
  • Quarters : Bounce a quarter on the table into a cup
  • Baseball : Shoot coins into cups. If you make it, the other players drink. If you miss, you drink
  • Landmines : Prevent the coin to spin by placing cans or cups on the table
  • Ice tray quarters : Similar to Quarters, except that the target is an ice tray
  • Beer hockey : The coin is the puck, cups are goal posts. Here you go !

Select one of these coin drinking games and enjoy ! Drink alcohol only in moderation.

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