Mushroom rules

The Mushroom drinking game is the perfect game to play when you want to have fun while giving your brain a rest. Just like screw the dealer, the mushroom does not require a lot of strategy. However, you may need to show your dexterity skills, which may be challenged as the game progresses.

How to play the Mushroom drinking game ?


Here is what you will need :

  • A regular deck of 52 cards
  • One large cup on which card can stack up
  • Cups for all players
  • Beverage

Set up

All players should be seated around the table. Then put the large cup in the middle of the table. Then deal cards to all players. It doesn’t matter how many cards players have. Cards value also does not matter in this game


The first player starts by putting one card on top of the cup. Then the second player must put another card on top of the first one, while observing the following rules :

Mushroom drinking game
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  • Exactly 2 edges of the card must be in contact with the surface of the card of top of the pile. This prevent :
    • Cards to pile up like a deck
    • Cards to form a cross
  • The player should not touch or move the cards already on the pile
  • The player should not knock off any card

If that player succeeds, then the third player attempts to place a new card and so on.

The following penalties apply when one of the rules is broken :

  • The player card falls on the table : The player takes one drink
  • The player touches or moves one of the card on the pile : One drink
  • The player knocks down a maximum of 3 cards from the pile (excluding his own card) : Two drink
  • The player knocks down more than 3 cards from the pile (excluding his own card) : Three drinks

Then, another player resumes the game with the current amount of cards remaining on the cup (if any)


  • Player A puts a card on the main cup
  • Player B puts a card on top of the first one
  • Player C touches the card while attempting to put a new card on the pile. He takes one drink
  • Player D puts a new card on the pile
  • Player A drops his own card on the table. He takes one drink
  • Player B puts a new card on the pile
  • Player C knocks all the cards on the pile while trying to place a new card. 4 cards felt off. He takes three drinks !

Have fun and drink alcohol in moderation

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